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The Hats We Wear


"The Hats We Wear” book is a multi-cultural hand illustrated book for children, tweens/preteens and adults.  The sole purpose of this book is to educate people in a fun way and to spark the interest (especially in the children of our next generation) and share some history behind hats, headwear, head-dressings, scarves and caps. 

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Audio Book Created by

Joseph Ham for Hamit Up Productions

About The Book

Consequently, this is not a book about how to wear hats.  It’s a book about people and their faith(s), tradition(s), honor, purpose, protection, understanding and tolerance, feeling good about oneself, confidence, (and if you choose) just making a fashion statement. It is important to be open-minded (without feeling the need to ridicule one another) about our differences.  As it stands, hats have been both an object of ridicule and beauty throughout the ages.  This book only touches on commonly-worn hats and scarves.  Currently, there are thousands of hat styles and head dressings.  As such, many are not represented in this book.


Robin L. Ham (broker/owner of a successful boutique real estate firm), RGH Realty #1, Inc. as well as owner of RLH Design Consultants, Inc. based in New York.  Her background is in fashion design from Paris Fashion Institute in Paris, France and fashion manufacturing and marketing from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  


Robin's hope for this book is to provoke discussions about people's difference. Also to reflect/reminisce and hold on to a beautiful hat and headdress tradition that has been in existence since the beginning of time.


Her other interests: Assisting in Community Projects and giving back to Charitable Organizations and in whatever spare time she has left it's spent loving animals to pieces...

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